Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our "Twilight" experience!!


Here's our tickets!!

We're right out front of Cinemark in American Fork.
  Diet Cokes, licorice, blankets, good company, what more could we ask for????

Some of the people inside were there since 10:00am!!  Weirdo's!

Here we are finally in our seats!!  Worth the wait????
YES absolutely!!!

Who knew that a bad case of stomach flu, causing me to be bedridden for days AND a very persistent teenage daughter could send me spiraling into a distorted world of teenage infatuations, vampires and werewolves? Yes it's true, I did succumb to Kaymin's multiple plea's to read her Twilight books. She's talked non stop about them for over a year, but I've had NO desire whatsoever to read them.  I love to read but these books sounded very juvenile.  She plain and simply wanted me to read Twilight. That was it!! It wasn't like I was being asked to pose nude for an art class or anything, however, the shame of my addiction to these well written "teenagery" books rendered the same feelings in comparison. Once I read the first page, of the first book of four, there was no turning back, I was hooked!!
I devoured the first book, "Twilight" in 3 days!  The second book, "New Moon" took me a whopping 5-6 days to read.(not my favorite) Book #3, "Eclipse" (my favorite) I read in a day and a half and the 4th book, "Breaking Dawn" took me 3 days. Two weeks of my life gone forever, never to be retrieved again.  But I could NOT stop.  My poor family! The laundry was stacked to the ceiling, who knows what homework didn't get signed or turned in, I even skipped going in to help in Jentzen's kindergarten class.  The kids knew not to disturb me and if they needed an answer to a question, my reply would be a quiet mumble or something like that.  They survived on a diet of cold cereal and sandwiches while their pathetic excuse for a Mother had her nose stuck in a book, reading, reading, reading!!  (My cheeks are a little stingish as I'm writing this because I'm embarrassed that I became so addicted to these books)!! I'm certain they are what "cured" my illness, because by the end of the two weeks I was completely well again!! hehehe
Well that was back in September. My life is somewhat back to normal.  My laundry is caught up, dishes are washed, my kids have fresh clean sheets, (seriously I'm addicted to clean sheets on ALL our beds, and I didn't even change them for those 2 weeks, but that's a whole other entry for another day) and my family is back to eating fairly decent dinners again.  I finally had put Twilight up on the shelf never to be thought of again, but then the Twilight movie tickets went on sale and I just had to see the movie. We bought our tickets a week in advance and were able to go to the first midnight showing Nov. 21st. We stood in line outside in the cold for 3 hours.  It was a fast 3 hours. We got there at 7:30p and they let us go in and sit down at 10:30p. We were in line next to the funnest girls and Yes!! I was the oldest girl in line.  Wait, I did see a Grandma looking lady several yards ahead of me, but I was definitely the "next" oldest person. Kaymin and I had fun visiting and drinking hot chocolate and we got really good seats.  I couldn't believe some people had been in line since 10:00am that morning for the midnight showing and they sat right next to us.  So they stood in line all day and their seats were the same as ours and we got in line 9 1/2 hours later.  Funny people!  I'll admit that I was very nervous that I would hate the movie because there was no way it could even come close to the books, but to my surprise, I ended up really liking the movie.  In fact we went and saw it again the very next night!  Well there's my belated post about my Twilight experience.  Thank You Kaymin!! 


Celeste said...

I have Kaymin to thank for my obsession too! She kept talking about in YW and she got me hooked. I'm still waiting for some one to want to see the movie with me. In fact Justin now wants to see it with me just so I'll stop annoying him about it. I'm so glad you like them too, it makes me feel better!

emily said...

I can completely relate to ignoring the family while reading a book. I haven't been able to bring myself to read books 3 or 4 for that reason...I am just not energetic enough to be able to recuperate from doing nothing else for days on end! I am glad you hopped on the bandwagon and I saw the movie twice too!:) And, actually, I wouldn't mind seeing it again...what are you doing right now? I'm on my way to pick you up!:)

Greg and Dawna said...

Krissy, Krissy, Krissy...you are a funny friend :)

cory and sharon said...

It's great that you got to spend that time with your daughter and that you both have something you enjoy in common.

Pineapple Princess said...

Who knew that vampire love could strengthen the mother daughter bond?! You both will have great memories to live on until the next movie comes out in 2010. . .

Shaun said...

I'm glad to have my sweetie back! That was a strange two weeks. Maybe I'll have to get dressed in disguise and go see it myself.
Thanks for making a memory with our daughter.

Wenderful in Colorado said...

I have yet to see it....I spent lots of time ignoring my family reading it too. My hubby was annoyed that I would read a book about vampires when I don't even like to watch sci-fi with him.

AuntiePill said...

My two favorite girls!! What a FUN time for both of you.