Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MALLORY (I wish the camera could capture her long, fake eyelashes, but hers are already so long that you can hardly tell she has them glued on)

    JENTZEN (I'm marveling at that fantastic square knot, somebody tied)  Travis wore this costume when he was this young.

LOGAN  (I'm pretty sure he is a vampire EVERY year)

 MALLORY  (Hope it's many moons away before you're really a bride)

JENTZEN  (Wow, he's really got the facial expression going on)


emily said...

How oblivious am I? I didn't realize that they dressed in two different costumes and I even saw them during the parade and that night! You're such a good mom and I am dying to know what you used on your cute kitty!


Hair spray paint. She's a keeper. She just "let" Carston and Travis go to town, she trusts them.

Williamson Family said...

Look how cute your family is! Love it. I also like the part of your entry that talks about sorting all the candy. That is definitely a OCD thing. I do it too :)