Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had so much fun.  It was the best weather we've EVER had on a Halloween in my whole life! We didn't even wear jackets.  Shaun and I went trick-or-treating with the kids.  We've gone every year with them.  I've never outgrown it!  I seriously wouldn't mind taking my kids all over the county if their little legs wouldn't give out on them.  When I was younger, I remember loving Halloween WAY more than any of my friends did.  My Mom would never let me trick-or-treat alone, and since none of my friends could never go anywhere past our culdesac, I would drag my cute little brother Larry all over the neighborhood, out to our whole ward, and clear around our stake boundaries.  There was some sick and twisted enjoyment I got out of knocking on people's doors with my hands outstretched, waiting anxiously to see what they'd drop into my bag.  Of course I always relished the "cool" candy that could be found at the "richer" homes.  I would dash home at the end of the night and the sorting ritual would begin.  Suckers in one pile, smarties and sweetarts in another pile, bubble gum, taffy, pixie stix, each in their own piles, cool wax lips, licorice, chic o sticks, then the "pile of Gold" would be my candy bars/anything chocolate.  I would savor these pieces and only eat them sparingly.  Of course I would throw away all the YUCKY candy which consisted of boxed raisins (are you kidding me?), those gross round assorted hard peppermint candy that you find in a grandma's purse, now and laters, also the horrid tasting peanut butter kisses in the black and orange wrappers (does anyone like those?) Way back then, I would store my candy stash away for months!!  Not the case now.  Anyways, enough about that.  The kids dressed up in diff't costumes for the Halloween parade, than they did for trick-or-treating.  More work for Mom, Yeah!!  I'm sad I didn't get ANY pictures of Gage in his cute Fireman outfit.  He wouldn't keep it on long enough, and the only picture I got of Kaymin is with her crammed in the backseat.  She was a nurse.  Even Carston and Travis joined in the fun.  Carston looks like Bon Jovi and Travis was the chainsaw killer.  And of course our "punk rocker kitty, Calli".  I'm also sad I didn't get pictures of our pumpkins being carved nor did I capture the completed masterpieces.  But, oh well there's always next year.


emily said...

I would do the same thing with my candy and the gross peanut butter kisses would go straight to the garbage! After we'd get ours all organized then the 2 hour trading session would begin! Ahh, the memories!


Ah, yes!! Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about how we traded. You and I are master manipulators, I reckon you probably scored some great pieces. :)