Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forever Family

Friday Feb 6, I was sealed to my Mom and her wonderful husband Bevan! What a memorable, wonderful day. We attended the 9:00 live session and we were sealed at 11:00am. I felt so special. I had personal escorts, they seated me on the front row and I was able to change in the "brides room." Shaun and Carston were the witnesses. We have been talking about doing this for years, and we finally did it. I'm actually glad we waited till now. If we had done it sooner, then Carston wouldn't have been part of this special occasion. He can now share his testimony of Temple work and forever families.
I'll be honest, I worried about my other Dad's and how they might feel about me not being sealed to them. But I have faith that it all works out in Heaven and I truly felt that I had their blessing in my decision to do this. Bevan is such a wonderful man and I love him dearly! He is so good to my Mom and all of us and I love his kids and their spouses as though they were my own siblings. Now they are!  I'm so sad that I left my camera home that day and I didn't get a picture of the 5 of us. 

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Celeste said...

Wow-- what an eventuful, emotional, wonderful week you have had! Some very special events for your family. Carston is going to be such a good missionary. Looks like a fun party! You're just the cutest missionary mom!